Rayat & Bahra College of Education
Mohali Campus
Permanently affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala.
Accredited by NAAC with A Grade


Academic Excellence

The institute pursues academic excellence in teaching, learning and research to strengthen the local, national and international communities of education.


The institute advances intellectual development; promotes democratic citizenry; cultivates an appreciation for goodness and truth; and provides opportunities for the physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and cultural development of prospective teachers and teacher educators. The institute provides professional education grounded in these foundations of liberal learning while preparing students to understand complex issues and express informed opinions with courage and conviction.


The institute is committed to create a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative community accentuated by a spirit of freedom and marked by protection of the rights and unconditional positive regard of the individual.

Ethical Conduct

The institute provides a values-based education that informs the development of ethical judgment and behavior. It seeks to develop ethical and responsible prospective teachers and teacher educators committed to the common good who are empowered to engage a diverse and changing world.

Compassionate Service

The institute embraces the moral and social tradition by its commitment to serve with compassion, to foster community service, and to work for justice. It regards community service as inseparable from justice, advances education, scholarship and service for a more humane world

The mission, the goals and objectives of the institute in terms of addressing the needs of the following are:
    • Needs of the Society: To strengthen the sense of national pride and identity by inculcating National values among prospective teachers and teacher educators  through all the programs and activities by providing opportunities for the continuous development of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Emerging social, cultural, political, ecological and educational issues are also addressed
    • Students it Seeks to Serve: The prospective teachers and teacher educators are encouraged to acquire, construct, reconstruct and utilize knowledge, thereby unfolding, developing and utilizing their potential. They are also provided with multiple inter-disciplinary opportunities to foster global competencies, consequently preparing them for the world of work
    • School Sector: The institute provides an enriching powerful field experience in schools to prospective teachers and teacher educators and inspires them for self directed and lifelong learning by bridging the gap between pedagogical and content knowledge. The institute contributes in the professional development of the school sector.
    • Institution’s Traditions: Rich institutional traditions pertain to an inherent democratic process, unconditional positive regard, equal opportunities, easy accessibility to the faculty and principal and student-centered approach in teaching-learning leads to a stress conducive environment.
    • Value Orientations: Values of professional competency, commitment and ethics are inculcated along with an ability to appreciate innovative practices in education amongst the prospective teachers and teacher educators

Relationship between Core Values of Higher Educational Institute, Mission and Objectives of the Institute


All the stakeholders are involved for effective and efficient functioning of the institute.


Indicators Reflecting Institutional Culture


Striving towards assuring excellence in teacher education, the institute works towards providing its students every support to unfold and develop their potential. Student centered education is the core of the institutional ethos, thus to realize the objective, the institute has identified and defined certain key indicators which are reflected in the institutional culture. The key indicators identified which facilitate optimal student progression are inter-connected, inter-dependent and inter-related and are as follows.

    • The institution has a democratic flavor at all the levels of its working. The students are active participants in the decision making processes. There is an adequate student representation in various administrative bodies ensuring collaborative working 
    • Prospective teachers and teacher educators are given ample opportunity to participate in co curricular activities. This includes zonal & inter zonal youth festivals, inter college competition and various competitions organized with in the institute. Majority of the students, who participate in the festivals, inter college competitions, and at the college level competition/ activities,  do it for the first time adding to their  confidence and self worth
    • The Alumni Association RABOSA ( Education) plays an active role in contributing to the growth and development of the institution by participating in various activities including orientation week where they orient the fresher regarding academics as well as the institution ethos and initiating the book bank facility in the institute
    • Fee concession and scholarship provided to the deserving and needy students
    • Remedial classes are offered to the prospective teachers ad teacher educators
    • Multi lingual teaching is offered to cater to the needs of students of the three mediums namely, English, Hindi and Punjabi
    • Entrepreneurship Cell and Rayat Bahra Administrative Services have been launched by the group to train and employ the graduates and post graduates of various institutes’ part of the group. These services offer opportunities to the alumni to be part of the administrative and academic administration of the three campuses in Punjab and the upcoming university in Himachal Pradesh.



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